Our 3rd Anniversary

On Sunday, August 5th, Oscar and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!!! 3 years of dating!!! Whooppeeee!!

The night before was spent celebrating my oldest and bestest friend Jaime and her now husband Scott’s wedding which was at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach.  After their nuptials, we sang, ate and danced the night away in honor the newly weds. It was definitely a night for celebrating love.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Scott Malone!!

Since we knew the night of the wedding would also coincide with our anniversary, we reserved a room at the Omphoy Ocean Resort which is located next to the Four Seasons and is right on the beach. The wedding ended in the wee hours of the night so when we checked into our room it was very late and my feet were on fire from cutting it up all night.  I love to dance and I also feel that’s its my duty as a bridesmaid to be the first and last one on the dance floor 😉

We showered and crashed immediately but when we woke up we felt  refreshed and ready to celebrate our day. We were very impressed with the Omphoy Hotel. It had a very contemporary, Japanese design (which Oscar and I both love), the staff was knowledgeable and friendly and the room was quite comfy – especially the pillows. See photos of the Omphoy below:

Check-out time was at noon so we took our time getting out of bed and getting ready. After we  checked-out, we had the concierge hold our bags so we could spend the rest of the day taking advantage of the amenities and have ourselves a little stay-cation. They had a fabulous brunch spread so we dined on the beach. I had french toast with fruit, Oscar had Cinnamon Toast Crunch and we both had our own omelettes created for us at the omelette station.

After breakfast, we went down to the beach and spent the rest of the day lounging under a cabana. The weather was sunny and gorgeous but it was also very hot so Oscar and I took a couple of dips in the ocean and rode the waves together like kids.

Rough day, huh? Not pictured: my delicious $14 strawberry mojito 😉

As soon as we had our fill of the ocean and the beach, we packed up our things, headed home and spent the rest of  our day relaxing. We were going to go out to our favorite sushi restaurant but I was too exhausted from all of the wedding activities so we ordered some Chinese take-out, stayed home, snuggled together on the couch and and watched our Sunday shows.

I was so impressed with Oscar that whole weekend. Not only was he his sweet and charming natural self, but he forwent his usual weekend golf game on Saturday, stayed home during the day and took care of all of the laundry and the household chores while I was busy with my bridesmaid duties. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. I usually do the laundry at home and I don’t mind, but it was nice to enjoy my weekend and know that I wasn’t going to have to come home to a huge pile of chores.

That’s one of the many special things about Oscar that I truly admire and cherish. He does a lot of thoughtful things for me that seem little to him but are such a big deal to me. Like the time he made me homemade chicken noodle soup when I was sick and bought me a special oriental tea when I was having trouble sleeping. Whether he’s holding my hand or holding me close to him at night, its those simple things he does that make me feel so secure and loved. This may sound silly and a little corny but there is no fancy gift or grand gesture that could ever come close to making me feel the way he does. So here’s to you, bebe! 

Do you have any memorable anniversary outings or stories that you want to share? If so, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂


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