Swamp Girl

I hope everyone is having a safe and awesome Labor Day weekend!

Sunday – Tri-Training and first visit to Gander Mountain
Sunday morning, Oscar and I got up early and met up with our friends to train for the Tropical Triathlon which is at the end of this month!! (I can’t believe we’re in September already!!!) We rode our bikes 8 miles to the park in Lake Worth to meet up with our group, then rode over the bridge and to the beach for a ¼ mile swim. It was pretty rough in the ocean that day but I made it through my swim using the side-stroke technique. After the swim we transitioned back to our bikes to get ready to ride another 8 miles back home but poor Oscar got a flat. So we had to walk our bikes over the bridge and to the nearest gas station so he could pump some air into it and buy some fix a flat.

Luckily, Oscar was able to fix the tire and we made it back home. We were pretty tired and winded from our swim and the long bike ride but we felt really good about completing it and I am very proud of my guy for doing it with me. After we showered and had lunch, we decided to go run some errands and go grocery shopping. On our way to the store we passed by a Gander Mountain and I mentioned to Oscar that I had never been there before and apparently he hadn’t either. So since Oscar needed some water shoes for his  upcoming White Water River rafting/Bachelor Party trip we figured we would go in there and check it out.

We thought Gander Mountain was a pretty cool place. They have everything you need for all outdoor activities. We found everything from grills, to smokers, to camping accessories and even weird hunting stuff (which I know nothing about) like deer lick and those weird swamp suits which I thought were hilarious! Oscar found his water shoes and I found a new winter jacket. Don’t I look fabulous?

Swamp girl


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