Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality Couples Dinner
As I explained in a previous blog, Oscar and I and our group of friends host a couples dinner once a month. One couple volunteers to host the dinner at their house, we pick a country or theme and everyone brings a dish from that country. This month’s theme was Southern Hospitality which was moi’s idea ; ) Our friends hosted the dinner and we had it on Labor Day.

silly couples

Since I knew we would be doing some good eating, I had to have my morning workout which was a Chillengthen class at Move Fitness Studio in downtown West Palm Beach with my favorite instructor Amy.  The Chillenghten class is a type of fusion workout that utilizes slower work out moves in order to focus on strength, balance, and core exercises. We use Steps, free weights and body weight exercises to help promote a strong, lean and balanced body. Don’t let the word chill confuse you – it totally kicked my ass!!

Now it’s time to enjoy some good southern eatin!!

Here was the menu for our Southern Hospitality Couples Dinner:

  • Smoked Mac n Cheese with Ham
  • Chicken & Waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Collard Greens and corn bread
  • Corn pudding
  • Sweet Potato Pie (made by yours truly)
  • Pecan Pie
  • Southern Iced Tea


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