Sprint Triathlon 3 Month Training Schedule

Sprint Triathlon 12 Week Training Plan:

A sprint triathlon consists of a ¼ mile ocean swim, a 10 mile bike ride, and is followed by a 5K run which is 3.1 miles. Although it’s a much shorter distance than an Ironman Triathlon, it’s still very challenging and will test you physically and mentally. If you are interested in doing one, I highly recommend it. It’s quite an amazing experience and a lot of fun. So give it a TRI : )

Here is my 12 week training program. I broke it down week by week and then recapped and summarized what I learned each month.

Month 1: I began my tri preparations by researching training plans and created an exercise calendar in google for each week. As soon as I registered, I invited my friends and even put together an event page on facebook so we could all share Triathlon information and schedule training meet-ups. I got up early in the mornings and ran on the treadmill and used the stationary bike inside the gym for an easy 20 minutes then added on 5 minutes each week. Then I trained outside during the week and weekends so I could get used to the heat. I continued with my regular fitness classes since they included cardio and strength training which I knew would help me with my endurance. I also incorporated weekly yoga into my training because not only is it good for your mind and body but it also helps to keep you calm and find your breath.

Month 1 – Training Schedule:

Week 1:  (7/2-7/7)
Mon Cardio and strength training class
Tues Bike  20 mins easy
Wed off
Thurs Run 20 mins easy
Fri off
Sat Bike: 60 min spin class
Sun mini indoor tri – bike, run and swim in pool

Week 2: (7/8-7/14)
Mon Cardio and strength training class
Tues Bike 25 min & Yoga 60 mins
Wed Run 25 mins
Thurs Chillengthen class – stretch and strength
Fri off
Sat Brick training: 30 min run & 30 min bike and yoga
Sun off

Week 3: (7/15-7/22)
Mon Cardio and strength training class
Tues yoga
Wed Bike 30 minutes
Thurs Run 30 mins
Fri Off – flew to Atlanta for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party
Sat Off
Sun Off

Week 4: (7/23-7/28)
Mon Cardio and strength training
Tues yoga
Wed Brick: Bike & Run 30 minutes each
Thurs step aerobics
Fri off
Sat spin class
Sun mini indoor tri: bike, run and swim in pool

Month 2 August– Month 2 started my brick training. Brick training is when you combine the Bike and Run training portion of the Tri and your legs feel like bricks afterwards. I also practiced my transitions and purchased my tri gear. I continued my fitness classes and tried to have fun and reward myself.  I got a little off track for a couple of weeks because of traveling and a wedding that I was in. It was a little hard to get back in but I stayed motivated and got my butt back on track. They say it’s better to keep up than to catch up and boy is that true!

Month 2 – Training Schedule:

Week 1: (7/29–8/4):
 Cardio and strength training class
Tues Yoga
Wed  Bike/Run 30 minutes each
Thurs Step class
Fri off
Sat off  Jaime’s wedding
Sun Swim

Week 2 – (8/6-8/12):
Mon off 
Tues shake – booty beat dance class
Wed off
Thurs Run: 3 mile
Fri off
Sat Bikespin class
Sun Brick work-out: 10 mile bike and ¼ mile swim

Week 3 – (8/13-8/19):
Mon Run 30 minutes on the elliptical
Tues 4 mile run with Alicia with Sprints
Wed off 
Thurs Bike 35 minutes
Fri off
Sat spin
Sun Mini Tri: Bike 20 min/Run 30 min/swim

Week 4 – (8/20-8/26):
Mon Cardio and strength training class
Tues off
Wed Bike and swim 30-45 mins
Thurs run – 30 mins
Fri off
Sat spin class
Sun off – hurricane day – purchased Tri gear

Month 3 – September: I continued with my brick training but focused more on my swimming and biking and the swim to bike transition. I also continued with my cardio and strength training classes. The second and third week before the race, I did mini tri’s on the weekends that followed the course as best as possible. I took it easy on the week leading up to the tri and reverted back to my Month 1/Week 1 work-outs. I also did a light and easy bike/swim brick the day before but didn’t go too hard. By the end of the month I was ready to get this Tri party poppin!!!

Month 3 – Training Schedule:

Week 1 – (8/27-9/2):
 Cardio and strength training class
Tues off
Wed AM strength workout
Thurs 5k run
Fri off
Sat Spin
Sun Bike and swim

Week 2 – (9/3-9/9):
Mon Strength/cardio training class
Tues off
Wed AM workout
Thurs  off
Fri Barre class
Sat Bike and swim brick
Sun 5K run

Week 3 – (9/10-916):
Mon off
Tues off
Wed Stick Pilates
Thurs Ballengthen
Fri Barre strengthening class
Sat off – FIU vs. UCF game!!
Sun off

Week 4 – (9/17-9/23):
Mon Run 20 minutes
Tues Bike
Wed off
Thurs Barre strengthening class
Fri Run 30 mins
Sat off
Sun mock tri!!!!

Tri Week: (9/24-9/30): Revert back to Month 1 Week 1 light training
Mon off
Tues Run 20 mins
Wed Bike 20 mins
Thurs off
Fri off
Sat 1/4 swim and 8 mile bike ride (light ‘n easy)
Sun Race Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information on sprint triathlon training tips, I recommend these websites:


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