It’s about that time of year again. Time to break out my personal list of goals, cross out my accomplishments and start setting some new ones for the New Year.  I am a big “list” person and I love writing down my daily, weekly and yearly to-do’s.  I write them on legal pads, notebooks and post-its. I even typed, signed and notarized a personal goal list one year and gave it to my Dad for Father’s Day.

I feel that when I write my goals down on paper, I am making a commitment to myself and the universe to accomplish these tasks.  This not only keeps me motivated but it helps me clarify my ambitions and evaluate my priorities. It helps me focus and realize what’s truly important especially during the times when I feel like I am all over the place.  Plus, I love the satisfaction I get when I finally get to cross something off that list.

I am happy to say that I completed every single one of my goals on my list for this year and some of them were not easy tasks. But I made them happen and I am very proud : )

Below are some of my personal goal lists that I have made to myself over the years:

Here is another list I found in one of my old journals. I wrote this when I was in my 20’s, just graduated from college and was looking for my first job:


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