Lazy Monday Treadmill Workout

I wasn’t feeling very passionate about going to boot camp today. Although I had planned to go on my way home from work, I lost my gusto towards the end of the day and no longer felt like going. At all.

When I got home, all I really wanted to do was curl up on the couch and continue reading Book 3 of  The Game of Thrones “A Storm of Swords”.  But I ended up convincing myself to do a quick treadmill work-out in the gym in my building.

So I quickly changed into my work-out clothes and headed downstairs. I was hoping that the gym would be too full and that I wouldn’t be able to get on a machine that way I would have an excuse to go back home. However, when I opened the door and walked in, all of the machines were available and waiting for me. Oh well.

I noticed as I got on the treadmill that there were a total of six people in the gym that they were all women my age.  That doesn’t happen very often. Usually there is a mix of men and women of all different ages. But I thought that was pretty cool and very motivating so when I turned on the machine I thought to myself…Yayy! GIRL POWER!!! (Corny, I know :p)

I started with a two minute warm-up and quickly felt my work-out mojo coming back which led me to complete a 45 minute treadmill workout! My calves and quads were burning. I was sweating and huffing and puffing. It was awesome! Plus I burned 400 calories 🙂

I changed the inclines and the speed every four minutes so I wouldn’t get bored. I posted my work-out for you below.

I’m calling it my Lazy Monday Treadmill Work-out:

Minutes Incline Pace
0-4:00 7.5 4
4-9:00 1 6.5
9-13:00 7.5 4
13-18:00 1 6.5
18-22:00 7.5 4
22-25:00 2 6.5
25-28:00 1 7
28-29:00 1 6
29-30:00 1 5.5
30-31:00 1 5
32-35:00 1 4.5
35-40:00 1 6.5
40-45.00 7.5 4

Now its time for some relaxation 🙂


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