Christmas Cookie Exchange

This year my boyfriend and I went to our very first Christmas Cookie Exchange party.

It was a really great idea and I like to bake so I was very excited about it. Although I had no idea what to make, I knew I wanted them to be simple and easy to make and something you can dunk in your coffee or hot chocolate. So I researched my favorite cooking sites for recipe ideas such as the:,, allrecipes and of course the ever popular Pinterest. I found four cookie recipes that I absolutely loved but in the end I chose Christine’s Lemon Wreath Cookies from Martha Stewart’s website (she really comes through in a pinch).

The Lemon Wreath Cookies were easy to make and I don’t even have one of those fancy KitchenAids. But I do have a Ninja! So I put my apron on and went to work.


I followed the directions exactly except I added a little lemon extract to the cookie dough. After they were done baking, I let them cool then dipped them in lemon frosting and sprinkled them with white sugar pearls and green sugar. I gave them a taste after I let them set for a little bit and was very happy with the end result. They came out just as I had hoped they would – sweet, soft, buttery and lemony 🙂


Peppermint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
My boyfriend also took his time to select a cookie but once he did, he did not disappoint. The recipe he decided to go with was for Peppermint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies by Giada De Laurentiis. A most excellent choice since we both love chocolate and peppermint.

Our kitchen was a mess but as the saying goes….”A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness” or something like that ;P


I don’t know what was more enjoyable – the cookies or coming home to my boyfriend while he was making this chocolate-peppermint concoction in the kitchen 🙂


peppermint-choc cookies

As soon as our cookies were ready, I arranged them on platters, covered them with plastic wrap and tied them up with a pretty ribbon (for presentation) then we were on our way to the party.

There were about 8-10 different cookies that were exchanged and each of them were delicious. Afterwards, we all wrote down our top three favorite cookies and mine and Oscar’s were both voted second 🙂 The Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies came in first and they were my favorite as well.

Some of the other cookies that were brought to the party are:
Mince Meat Pie Cookies
White-Chocolate Cherry Cookies
Caramel Apple Cider Cookies
Jam Filled Thumb Print Cookies
Oreo cookie balls

So if you are looking for ideas for a cookie exchange party, I would highly recommend them. Do you have any cookies ideas or recipes you would like to share? If so, please feel free to post them here.

Happy Holidays! 🙂


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