Looking ahead at 2013

The weekend is finally here and I am sooooo looking forward to being low-key. Oscar and I had such a great time with our family and friends during the Christmas and New Year holiday but I think we are both in need of some rest and relaxation.

Speaking of New Year’s, this whole week I have NOT been able to stop thinking about my plans for 2013 which has got me feeling very anxious and excited. Looking ahead so far, I see a year filled with lots of fun events and celebrations with my family and friends that I am looking forward to such as……


Seeing my best friend Kristy at her baby shower in Atlanta
Kiki’s & Chris’ Baby Shower (also in Atlanta)


Stephanie & Alan’s Wedding

Steph and Alan


Tough Mudder with Danny and Aja….yikes!!!



Visiting my best friend Melanie in Cali 🙂

me n mel

The Loggerhead Triathlon in Juno Beach


Christina’s & Johnnie’s Wedding!!
christina and johnnie


Melissa and Anthony’s wedding!!

mel n kilo

As for any New Year’s resolutions, I try to make changes and I list goals for myself when I need to and therefore don’t feel like it’s necessary to wait around until the New Year. And that’s what I am going to continue to do.  

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2013!!

happy new year


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