Two Baby Showers in One Day

On Saturday, January 19th,  I had the pleasure of attending not one but TWO baby showers for two very special friends. One was for my best and oldest friend Kristy and the other was for two very close friends of mine and Oscar’s – Kiki and Chris.

Not only were they both being held on the same day but they were in very close distance to each other and only five minutes from where we were staying. One was earlier in the day and the other one was later in the afternoon so I could attend both. I was so happy. It couldn’t have worked out better.

Wild West Baby Shower
Kristy’s baby shower was held in Woodstock at her cousin, Amber’s house who also hosted the shower along with another friend.  They laid out a fabulous brunch spread with homemade French Toast Casserole, spinach quiche and sausage biscuits along with Mimosas and blue punch. And I absolutely ADORED the Wild West Cowboy decor which is also the theme that Kristy chose for her nursery.

This photo below was taken from Kristy’s friend Sara’s blog called Mommy Decorates 🙂

Wild West Nursery

Kristy moved to Woodstock 10 years ago and started her career as a massage therapist,  bought a house, got married and is about to have her second child. Her first-born Maya, is two years old and is an absolute doll!  I was so impressed with how Maya was there to help her Mom open up all her gifts and put away the wrapping paper and the trash. She was an excellent little helper.

Baby Mason Shower

Kristy and I met in the 4th grade when our classes were right next to each other. We used to talk and pass notes to each other and to our so-called “4th grade boyfriends” through this little space in between the book shelves that divided up our classrooms. We became fast friends and have been very close ever since. I was so thrilled to attend her baby shower, meet her Atlanta friends and see her family.

“Alice in Wonderland” Baby Shower
After Kristy’s baby shower in the morning, we went over to Kiki & Chris Steinmann’s co-ed baby shower which was held in the late afternoon at the Cauble Beach House in Lake Acworth. It’s a beautiful  place that overlooks Lake Allatoona.  The theme for their shower was “Alice in Wonderland” since they are having a girl. I loved all of the decorations and the quotes that were displayed around the tables from the popular Disney movie. We chatted with our friends, ate delicious food, watched them open gifts and played games. Oscar won the “Guess the Belly Size” game and got a Starbucks gift card. We also tried to help them pick out a name!!

Kiki Chris baby shower


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