Getting Back on Track With Your Work-Outs

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are so exhausted that when you come home you immediately collapse? That’s how I’ve been feeling this whole week. Just like this tuckered out little pooch in this photo…..:P

It’s been a crazy week here at Casa Nice Girl ever since I returned home from my DC trip late on Monday. The rest of the week has been spent trying to get caught up on projects at at work and at home. I also had to deal with an unexpected emergency issue at the bank  (I won’t even go there – yeesh!) I also have a very sore wrist and ankle – (don’t ask about that one either) and then try to rest and recoup. All of this unfortunately has left me with very little time and energy to go to the gym and it’s also got me feeling a little guilty 😦


Exercise Guilt
I try to stay active almost everyday but I’ve only been to the gym once this week 😦 So how do I deal with this exercise guilt? I know my body needs to rest and heal – especially after having a non-stop, party-poppin bachelorette party weekend with 15 of my closest girlfriends in DC. And I know that there are going to be times when more important things require more of my attention such as: my family, my boyfriend, the home, my job, my friends and just life in general. I guess this is just one of those weeks where my gym-time has to be put aside and I really shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

Getting back on Track
Now that the weekend is here and and I’m all caught up and feeling better, I really need to get back on track with my work-outs. So how will I do that after after missing a whole week and a half? I was doing so good before and now I feel like I am starting to lose my motivation. I have to do a Tough Mudder at the end of the month so I need to get my butt back in gear!

Start small
I am going to start by getting up early in the mornings and doing the work-outs I love the most. I am going to go on my runs, go to my spin classes and do some yoga. I am also going to start walking for 20 minutes on my lunch breaks and that should help me ease back into my TM training.

Sometimes I think I try to do way too much in my day and it just saps me of my energy and my focus. I have to try and remember that I am not friggin superwoman and Rome wasn’t built in a day so I really need to slow my roll. I need to stay focused on my priorities which are to continue training for Tough Mudder which is in 3 weeks!

Right now, my inspiration is my Women’s Health magazine which coincidentally has articles about participating in mud runs and how to stay motivated.

I also have to remember that the main reason for my work-outs is for the way it makes me feel – fit, healthy and positive.

Well that’s all I have for now. If you have any ideas or suggestions for staying motivated and overcoming a work-out slump please feel free to post!

I’m off to the gym!!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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