Private Wine and Painting Party

Painting parties are a lot of fun whether you are with your family, your girlfriends or on a date night with your honey. You can host them at your house or go to a studio where they’ll supply the paint, brushes, canvas, aprons and your palette. All you have to do is bring the wine. They’ll even give you wine glasses and a cork-screw 🙂

Sunday Brunch at J. Christopher’s:
During a recent trip to Atlanta, I spent the day with my good friends Annie and Tanya at a wine and painting party while my boyfriend Oscar spent the day with Mikey (his good friend and Annie’s husband) down in the Atlanta, Ga dome watching the Niners beat the  Falcons in the NFC Championship game.

Before the party, the three of us had brunch at J. Christopher’s; a friendly little breakfast and lunch diner that serves traditional healthy meals all made with fresh ingredients. They have many  locations throughout the greater Atlanta area. I’ve been there a few times, each time at a different site and haven’t had a bad meal yet. I also thought the service and atmosphere was very friendly and cozy which makes this a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch with family and friends.

Breakfast of ladies 🙂

J. Chris breakfast

Sunday afternoon Wine & Painting Party:
Later that afternoon, a bunch of Tanya’s friends showed up for a private wine and painting party in her home. Tanya had booked a local artist and friend to come over and instruct us step-by-step on how to paint a beautiful cherry blossom tree on a canvas. I thought it was pretty neat and a great way to spend the day. We sipped wine, painted and laughed while we had the Niners vs. Falcons game on in the background. It was a lot of fun and everyone’s paintings came out great.

Then we celebrated the Niners victory when the boys got home. It was an extremely joyous afternoon and evening 🙂


If you’ve never been to a wine and painting party, I would highly recommend it. You’ll be surprised with how great they come out and discover a talent you never knew you had.


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