Marietta Diner

I just love diners. I find them so quirky and inviting. Especially when they are run by the mafia…..

marietta diner front
About a month ago, on a cold Sunday evening during my Atlanta-Woodstock visit, my girlfriend Kristy took me  to the Marietta Diner for dinner and a little one-on-one catch-up time.  I loved it!!  The staff was friendly and inviting and the food was phenomenal. We both ordered the Greek Platter which was a Gyro plate that came with a big helping of fries and a Greek salad. I was also very impressed with the free warm Spanikopitas they bring to your table instead of the usual bread basket.

marietta diner meals

As you can see from the photo, the portion sizes are pretty large so we were both too full to order dessert. Tsk…tsk… that was such a shame because those cakes looked absolutely heavenly! Oh well…my waist line thanked me but I know I will definitely be going back : )

The Marietta Diner, which is located on 306 Cobb Parkway South, has a huge menu with reasonable prices. They also say it’s run by mobsters but you didn’t hear that from me 😉 If you are in the Marietta area, you definitely have to check this place out!!


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