National Margarita Day

Am I the only one who didn’t know there was a National Margarita Day?? I swear, I am always the last person to find about these things!

National Margarita Day is held on February 22nd so out of respect for this national holiday, my friends and I celebrated at Cha-Chas Tequila Bar in Palm Beach over the weekend.

It also happened that my best friend Melanie (pictured below) was in town from California that same weekend for our good friend Stephanie’s wedding so it was the perfect night for catching up with the girls and a little pre-wedding partying!!

Bring on the tequila, lime, salt and triple sec! Aye yi yi yi yi yi yiee!!!Photo

cha chas girls

Cha Chas Tequila Bar was a real hit! Not only did we have a fantastic meal and a great server but we also got a free round of tequila shots, free guacamole and they even gave us keys to a lock box which had fun prizes inside like fake mustaches and sunglasses.

As you can see, things got a little silly…..

It’s always a party with these girls! Viva tequila, amigas y margaritas!!!!

Cha Chas


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