Tough Mudder Miami 2013

On Saturday, March 2nd, Oscar and I and a group of friends participated in our very first Tough Mudder challenge!!

pre TM

Tough Mudder is a 12 mile obstacle course run that is designed to test your stamina, strength, mental grit and camaraderie. It’s pretty tough. Actually I will tell you right now…it’s pure insanity! We ran twelve miles while completing the most daunting obstacles along the way such as: submerging ourselves into an ice bath, scaling over 12′ walls, climbing under cargo nets while traversing up multiple hills, crawling through mud under a barbed wire, sprinting through a field of  mud with 10,000 volt electric shock wires dangling over us, leaping over fire pits, jumping off of a 15 ft plank and more! Sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, right?

tm obstacles

The idea is to challenge yourself by getting through each obstacle while helping fellow tough mudder participants along the way. It’s meant to be a non-competitive and team-building event which it definitely was.

Although, I am always up for a challenge, I was very nervous about this event since I was just getting over a wrist injury. However, because of my awesome team mates, I was able to make it over the walls and complete most of the obstacles with hardly any problems and continue running the course while we  laughed and acted like goofballs along the way. I was so happy to be doing this with them. They were the best group of guys a girl could ask for and I made sure to give them big hugs and thanked them profusely throughout and after the event.

tm goofballs

We finished the event in 4 hours. The weather was cold, cloudy and windy which it made it even more grueling. But as soon as we finished, we were greeted by Tough Mudder volunteers with cool orange head bands, beer, food and music and an awesome feeling of accomplishment. It was fun but I was so glad it was over!! Now for the recovery……..

Special thanks to Melissa for sticking around and cheering us on all day and for capturing these photos of us in all our glory!!

tm group finish

tm beer


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