Surviving the Desk Job

Are you like me working at a desk job and sitting on your keester most of the day?

Call me an old lady but I’m starting to get the worst pain in my lower back, tightness in my hips and a sore neck from sitting and hunching over a keyboard while staring at the computer screen for 8-9 hours, five days out of the week. And let’s not mention the strain it’s putting on my poor eyes. Yeesh….I am really starting to get whiney, aren’t I?

Well I like my job but I refuse to let it get the better of me physically so here are some awesome stretches I found on popsugar (a la pinterest) that are helping me get through the day and relieve some of the soreness I feel from sitting too long at my desk.

Butterfly stretches: These are really good for your lower back and your hips. You can do them on your chair, on the floor next to your desk or in a private conference room. I also do them at home before and after work.

Chest-opening stretches: This one is a yoga pose called the seated heart-opener. I usually do these three times a day for about 15-30 seconds each.

Tight hips: This is another great stretch and I use these not only after sitting but before running since they stretch the hip flexors which can easily become tight so keep this one committed to memory!! Hold for 30 seconds then slowly release and do your other side.

Neck and shoulder stretches: This one feels good on the arms, neck and back and is very easy to do. In fact, I do this every day without fail. Move your head to your right side to give your neck a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and switch.

I also make sure to get up from my desk, walk around the office and stretch every 90 minutes. You can set-up  reminders on your Outlook or on your phone. I also like to take a walk around the building for 5-10 minutes each day around 3pm. It really helps to get some fresh air and move around so my hiney doesn’t fall asleep like I start to around that time of day  😛

For more essential stretches for office dwellers like me, click here.


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