Running for Boston

 On Thursday, April 18th, my friends and I met up after work at the Fit 2 Run store in the Wellington Mall to wear white and run a 4 miler in support of Boston. I thought it was going to be a small gathering of about 20 people but to my surprise over 200 people showed up to run and 3 of them had actually ran in the Boston marathon!! The store manager and event organizer introduced them to us right before our run and we all clapped and cheered for them. One of the staff member’s sister was also at the marathon and her legs were badly injured from one of the bombs that went off. Seeing him get choked up as he talked about his sister really brought it home for me and I found myself choking back tears too.  

boston run

We started the run with 26.2 seconds of silence in honor of Boston and then ran a 4 mile route around the Wellington Mall and the surrounding communities.  The weather was nice and breezy. There were little kids and families running together and cars would honk and wave as they drove by to show their support.  It was a nice run and I am very glad I did it.

Words cannot describe the pain, anger and heartache I feel every time I hear and think about what happened at the Boston Marathon. When are these terrible acts of violence, hate and terrorism going to stop? The Boston Marathon is supposed to be a day of fun and celebration and it brings people together from all over the country to accomplish a major fitness goal and to have it ruined with this horrific act leaves me absolutely sickened!  

My heart goes out to those poor marathoners who had trained their hearts out for months and months as well as the spectators and everyone who was effected by this horrible tragedy.  Stay safe and strong, Boston!!! We’re rooting for you!



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