Lips and Donuts

Last Friday night, my girlfriends and I had a super-fun time at Lips Drag Show in Ft. Lauderdale!!


Getting photo-bombed by our waitress!! 🙂

We had been planning  a Girls’ Night Out since we knew all of our guys were going to be out of town together for a bachelor party trip in Montreal.  So we got all dolled up and met up for a night of glitz n’ glamour 🙂 We also wanted to make it a Bachelorette party for our friend Melissa since her fiancé was the one who was having his bachelor party weekend in Montreal.


The bride to be. Isn’t she gorgeous?

We met up at Melissa’s house for cocktails and to surprise her with some goodies. (I mean what’s a bachelorette party without the swag, right?? 😛 We didn’t go too crazy but we definitely dressed her up and presented her with her very own homemade bride-to-be margarita glass, a sash, a hottie whistle and some cute buttons to wear. Then we toasted to our weekend with a glass of vino and chatted a bit before heading out the door.


Now it’s on to the main attraction…Lips!  We surprised Melissa again by taking her to a dinner and drag show at Lips in Ft. Lauderdale. We had a fabulous time and couldn’t get over how pretty some of the “ladies” were – especially our hostess, Diva, who is considered to be the “Prettiest Queen in Florida.”


The dinner and show was amazing and the ladies of Lips were very pretty and talented.  Our waitress was cool too and dazzled everyone during the show with her awesome gymnastic skills. And of course, they had to do a special show and shout out for the bachelorettes so they got Melissa on the stage to do a shot with the divas.  Melissa was a good sport but we could tell she was embarrassed so she promised us that she would be getting us back for that even though we swore up and down that we had nothing to do with it 😉


The meals we ordered were really good too but I was so into the show and the entertainment that I didn’t get to eat much of it. The atmosphere was very glitzy with chandeliers and shiny glittery platform shoe decor. I also liked the fact that no matter how busy the staff was, they always made sure your drinks were full so we left feeling very happy.  (Lucky for us, our friend Annie decided to be our designated driver…Thank you Annie!).

Speaking of food……..on the way home we happened to drive by The Dandee Donut Factory on Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano and we were all in agreement that we HAD to stop in for a late night doughnut.

dandee donuts

Come to find out, that was an excellent decision because their donuts are fresh and off the chain!! We each ordered a donut for ourselves and maybe a few more just to sample and share 😉 I had the chocolate coconut donut and my friends ordered the blueberry, sour cream glazed and strawberry donuts.  So we sat down, enjoyed our donuts and discussed our mutual affection for Channing Tatum. It was a lovely way to end our evening.


I am so glad that we had the opportunity to hang out together just us girls since we all met each other through our guys and mainly hang out together as couples.  And I am so happy for Melissa and her fiancé, Anthony and their upcoming nuptials. I remember when I first met them and thought that they were such a cute couple and that they are very good for each other.  I think Melissa is such a cool, sweet and positive person and I know that she is going to be a beautiful bride. I am also very happy for Aja and Annie and all of their wonderful upcoming plans as well 😉 So cheers to them! And cheers to Girls’s Night!!


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