Loggerhead Triathlon

Good Morning friends!!!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great but also very tiring. My whole body is exhausted from packing and moving and also from competing in the Loggerhead Tri!!

The Loggerhead Triathlon, which takes place at Carlin Park in Jupiter, is a sprint triathlon that includes a 3/8 mile ocean swim, 13 mile bike ride and a 5K (3.1 mile) run. Thankfully the weather conditions held up for us with calm seas and lots of cloud coverage.

The Tri began at 7am with the 3/8 mile ocean swim. Luckily, they had us swim south to north with the current, however, my stomach was full of butterflies when I saw how far apart those buoys were set-up from each other in the water (very scary!!!). But those nerves went away after a quick warm-up swim near the shoreline right before the start. As soon as the horn blew, our wave was off! I did not know this at the time but we swam a distance of 660 yards!! That’s 6.5 football fields! I still can’t get over that.

I got through it in 20 minutes then had to run up a sand hill and then run down some stairs to get to the transition area (as if the swim wasn’t hard enough!!) I was very winded afterwards but kept moving right along and prepared myself for the 13 mile bike loop up and down  A1A.


The bike ride was a lot of fun and probably my favorite part of the Tri. I rented a Jamis road bike which allowed me to go really fast, however the wind had picked up whenever we were headed South which had me huffing and puffing and the turns were very sharp so it wasn’t easy but I still enjoyed it.

Katie Bike

After I completed the 13 mile loop, I dismounted, dropped off my bike and then started the 5K run which took me 33 minutes to complete.  My legs were a little tired but I still had enough energy in me to do the run and wanted to finish strong!

Katie Run start

The run portion took us out of Carlin Park, up A1A to the Jupiter Inlet and back. There were some small hills and lots of greenery and mangroves which I enjoyed seeing. There were also lots of volunteers with signs and water who cheered for us which helped me stay motivated during the last leg of the Tri. I also got a boost anytime I heard a fellow Tri participant shout out encouraging words to me or to other participants as we passed each other by 🙂

tri vols

And here I am crossing the finish line!! WOOO!!

Katie finish

Boy was I whooped but so happy to have accomplished such a difficult and challenging feat. A couple of my friends arrived before me and we all hugged and congratulated each other afterwards then we waited for our other friends to cross so we could congratulate them and cheer them on as well.  It felt amazing!!!  I just don’t have the words to describe the pride and joy I feel when I look at my friends and know that we all achieved this goal together. We worked hard to prepare for this day and I am happy to say that the Loggerhead Tri was a success for all of us!! 🙂 Go Flygirls and Johnnie!!!

Finish collage

(For more action shots of me and my friends…see below) Special thanks to Omar Becarra and the lovely Christina Ortiz for all of the action shots…..:)


Brianne and I all set-up and ready to go 🙂


Heather and I are all smiles before the monster swim!!


Transition area – photo taken by Grace


We made it!!!!!


Johnny and girls finish

Grace, Heather, Johnnie and Me

Brianne and Girls finishGirls finish


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