Staying Healthy & Sane While Moving

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all doing well. I have some very exciting news! My honey and I moved into our new home over the weekend!  Good-bye city living and hello home repairs and honey do lists!! Yayyy!!!

walk thru

Moving into a new home is exciting but it can also be very stressful. Oscar and I have been going non-stop these past few weeks.  Everyday after work, our evenings were spent packing, loading up our cars, and moving our stuff into the new place.  On the weekends we would make trips to Home Depot, Costco and do the yard work.  We didn’t mind though. We love our new place and we’re so happy to be moved in. And we actually enjoy doing  yard work (at least for now anyways) 🙂

lawn mower

Since we usually didn’t finish up until late, Oscar set up a fold-up table and some chairs so we could have a place to eat our meals.  We had our first dinner in our new home on August 5th which was also our 4th year dating Anniversary 🙂
Anniversary Collage
Like I said, we didn’t mind the work too much but there were some days where I felt myself getting very stressed out trying to juggle a full day of working, then packing and moving, and eating late and going to bed late and then doing it all over again the next day. We both woke up every morning feeling exhausted and sore.

However, despite all of the busy-ness, stress and temporary chaos that comes along with moving, I decided that there is no reason why I can’t eat a healthy diet and take care of myself while we move into our first home. This is such a happy time and I wanted to enjoy this experience as much as possible.

Below is my list of  the things I did in order to stay healthy and sane while moving:

1)  Request time-off of work.

2) Work out!! This was challenging since I was tired and didn’t have a lot of energy but a good, quick 20 minute workout in the gym early in the morning was very helpful and actually gave me more energy throughout the day.

3)   Pick up pre-packaged healthy meals from your grocery store and plan your meals.  I bought some rotisserie lemon pepper chicken from Publix, veggie burgers and a frozen bag of steam fresh veggies with pasta for some quick and healthy meals on the go.  I realize that it’s packaged but it’s the best I could do while our kitchen was packed up.

3)   Clean out fridge!! Use any leftover veggies and make a salad for the week. For breakfast, I would eat oatmeal or the eggs since we needed to use them up anyways.  

5)  Share your take-out meals.  Oscar loves to eat take-out – especially Chinese!! So when we did get take-out, we shared our meals since the portions were so large. Saves you $$$ and calories 🙂

6)   Yoga – I went to early morning hot power yoga classes and it was soooo worth it. It helped stretch out my sore muscles and relieved some stress. I’ve also been sleeping a lot better too.

7)   Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do any of the above.  Moving into a new home is a big life changing event so just accomplish what you can and be happy with that. Know that this will all be over soon and you can get back to your normal work-out schedule once you get settled into your home 🙂


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