No Junk Food for 21 Days!

Hey everyone!! Are you as happy as I am about the fall season approaching?? Good-bye hot muggy days and hello cool crisp mornings! I know we aren’t there yet but it’s coming soon and that makes me happy.

Things have been pretty busy over here at the new casa but also very exciting. We’ve only been here for a few weeks but as each day goes by we are getting more and more settled into our new home.

I am also happy to be back on a healthy eating plan and a new work-out schedule. There is a gym that is only 5 minutes from my house that I have been visiting and so far I really like it.

I have also decided to finally try out the “No Junk Food for 21 Days” challenge. I found it on Pinterest a while back and figured that this should be as good a time as any to start since we barely had any food in the house so I had a clean slate.

no junk

I started the challenge on Monday, August 26th and so far I lost 5 lbs!!! Woo hoo! I only have 5 days left to go but I am feeling very proud of myself for not giving into to my sweet cravings for the past 2 weeks. (As healthy as I try to be, I have a sweet tooth and I usually have to have something either chocolatey or peanut buttery everyday  :\ ) I will admit there was one weekend when I had 2 slices of veggie pizza and I also had multi-grain nacho chips but other than that it hasn’t been that hard me. I am just glad that I have managed to stay away from all desserts. I think I might have even lost my tolerance for sugary sweet drinks like OJ and sweet tea which is interesting.

I have also been incorporating more veggies into my diet as well which has helped me tremendously with kicking my sweet tooth. I still eat fruit but I watch my servings. I also think that I am more active now that we moved from a one-bedroom apt to a 3 bedroom house. There’s always something to do! Whether it’s working in the yard or house cleaning or running errands, I am always busy and don’t have much time for sweet or salty snacks.

Another brilliant aspect that has helped me lose weight and stick with the challenge is PLANNING MY MEALS AHEAD! On Sundays, I make pre-made salads for the week, veggie quiche for breakfast or lunch and slice up some watermelon and other veggies to put into my smoothies. I eat grapes or sliced bell peppers for snacks and at restaurants (where I normally would splurge) I order appetizers that are based around veggies like veggies rolls, and vegetable-tofu soup which I am definitely going to duplicate at home 🙂



veg tofu soup

I also drink tea after dinner when I get a sweet craving. I love peppermint tea, orange spice and chamomile with lavendar and vanilla. That really helps to satisfy my post dinner sweet cravings.

How about you? Do any of you struggle with sweet cravings? What do you do when you don’t want to give in? Do you have any healthy living tips to share? If so, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!!