DIY Wedding Planning Binder

Hello and Happy Autumn!

Wow…I can tell from my last blog post that I haven’t written in a while.  I guess working full time and planning a wedding doesn’t leave you much free time to write. My honey and I confirmed a venue and picked a date which happens to be less than 5 months away! Ahhhh!! Five months comes up very soon and all I can think about is all the stuff we have to do.  There are some nights that I can’t even go to sleep because I can’t shut off my brain. Oh well….I guess there could be worse things to keep me up at night 😉 And the best part is that when I wake up….instead of feeling tired, I feel so darn happy!!

Wedding planning is super fun but it can be  very stressful. Especially when you go on pages like The Knot and Wedding Wire and they give you these endless To-Do lists and deadlines.  Although they are very helpful, I try not to pay too  much attention to them and follow my own agenda and timeline especially since we are not having a big wedding. Plus I used to be an event planner so I’m pretty organized and you don’t have to tell me twice to get something done! (My fiance on the other hand….that’s a whhoooole other story ;p)

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when I see the list of things of things we have to-do in such a short time. But when that happens, I gently remind myself of my wedding mantra which is…”All I want to do is marry Oscar….no fuss!” There is no such thing as a perfect wedding or marriage even. All we need to do is make our decisions and go with it. It’s just one day (one beautiful day) but we do not want to go into a whole bunch of debt or stress over centerpieces and table settings. It’s about our marriage and celebrating with the people we love.

It also helps to write down all of my to-dos for the week and my deadlines for getting them done. It really helps keep me on track and get it out of my head.  I made an awesome binder for keeping all of my important information – brochures, agreements, receipts, to-do lists, important phone numbers and dates. I also keep an excel sheet to stay on budget and manage our guest list. I love being organized!!

Here is my cool DIY Wedding Binder for all my DIY brides out there!!

wedding collage notebook

Well that’s it for now. Gotta run. I need to get a goodnight’s sleep. Tomorrow is our tasting 🙂 Goodnight!