Good Enough

Ugh….do you ever get the feeling you’re not good enough? That feeling creeps up on me sometimes. It will just come out of nowhere. Sometimes these little insecurities visit me at night right before I’m about to fall asleep. Thoughts will come drifting into my mind and I will find myself wondering….Am I a good friend? A good wife? Daughter? Or sister? Am I living my life up to its fullest potential? I go over the things I’ve said, need to say and things I wish I said in the past. The list in my mind goes on and on….

That’s when I know that it’s time to slow down and meditate. Life can be so busy and hectic. Sometimes I feel like I rush from one thing to the next and don’t take time to enjoy the present. I need to slow down a little and be more mindful.

I can’t let these thoughts get the better of me. I am enough. I do the best I can. I need to readjust my thinking and remind myself:


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