Delray Dog Beach and Greenmarket

Hi everyone! It is officially fall in South Florida! Yay! Hello sweaters and autumn breezes and goodbye bugs and humidity.

Last weekend Oscar and I took Baxter and Guinness on their first visit to the beach and Greenmarket. The weather was so beautiful that we had to take advantage and get outside.

delray bubs

We heard from another dog owner at our local dog park one evening that there is an unguarded area on the beach just north of Atlantic Avenue on A1A where people bring their dogs. Apparently it’s OK even though it’s not an official “dog beach” we decided to go check it out and brought the boys with us and sure enough a lot of other dog owners were there with their pooches too.

The boys loved it and had a great time running around with the other dogs. Oscar put them in the water a few times but as you can see from the photos below they weren’t that interested. I think they were distracted by the other dogs and just wanted to play and run on the sand.



20141101_10595420141101_105950After about thirty-forty  minutes later (and having to chase after them a few times), we decided it was time to go. We said our goodbyes to the other dog owners, gave the boys a quick shower rinse, and then headed to the outdoor Greenmarket on Atlantic Avenue.

The boys were so well behaved and they got lots of compliments from other bystanders at the market. It was nice to be able to walk around with them and shop and not worry about them barking at other people or other dogs. We stopped at a local produce stand and I purchased some fruits and veggies for the house. We also got some treats for the boys from a local vendor who sells Tweedle Pet Products. We picked up a little bag of Tweedle Stix which is raw all natural dehydrated beef liver that they loved. Then we settled on the grass with our towels and had a little bite to eat. Afterwards, it was time to go. As you can see, our boys were pretty tuckered out.


And that was our fun little Saturday morning adventure 🙂 I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and this beautiful Fall weather.


4 thoughts on “Delray Dog Beach and Greenmarket

  1. virgo says:

    Looks like a hard day at the beach 😉 !!! Me and G are baking almond cookies, using the leftover almond meal from our almond milk earlier. Wish me luck.

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