Love Your Body and The Everyday Detox

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone’s weekend is getting off to a great start.

Last night I got to spend some QT with my Mom and celebrate her last day of school and the start of summer break! We celebrated with a home cooked dinner of cedar plank salmon with sweet potato fries and fresh cherries for dessert. She introduced me to her new kitty Smoke. He was very shy at first but then came out of hiding and hung out with us in the living room for a bit. She also introduced me to the show Outlander which is a series on Starz. It’s also based on a series of books by Diana Gabaldon. The story is about an English woman named Claire, who gets transported to 1743 Scotland while on her second honeymoon with her husband, Frank. I only watched the first episode but I am hooked and am very anxious to read the books and binge watch the series with my husband.


I love being introduced to new things. I introduced my Mom to a couple of nutrition books I am reading. One is called “Love Your Body” by Talia Fuhrman and the other is called “The Everyday Detox” by Megan Gilmore.

detoxinista-cookbook-recipes LYB

What I love so far about “Love Your Body” is that the first chapters of her book begin with the importance being a kind and compassionate person.  Because having a healthy lifestyle has to start from within and not be externally motivated. You’ll never be skinny or pretty enough on the outside if you don’t take the time to nurture yourself on the inside. That is a huge concept for me. I find myself bashing my body to my friends and getting down on myself and my flaws quite often and it never does me any good. Her book has really taught me how to be more loving towards myself and to see that real beauty comes from being kind and compassionate to others as well as yourself.  She also discusses the benefits of a plant-based diet and includes lots of nutritious recipes.

I have not finished the book yet but I am enjoying reading all of her research and feeling her enthusiasm towards her plant-based diet. I have decided to cut out dairy and have introduced new things into my diet that I never tried before like tofu, flax seeds and hemp milk. I lost a couple of pounds but what’s more important is that for the first time in my life, I actually don’t care how much I weigh. I mean, I would like to see the scale go down a bit more but I love the way I feel. I feel lighter and healthier. I love the way my skin looks and when I look at my arms or my mid-section I don’t see a bunch of flab. I don’t know if I will ever cut out meat, chicken or fish completely but I certainly think I can go without it 80% of the time. My husband and I are not big meat eaters anyways but on the occasions when we do feel carnivorous, we go for high-quality organic meat, chicken and wild-caught fish.

I am also very excited about “The Everyday Detox” cookbook by Megan Gilmore.  Megan Gilmore is a nutrition blogger and author of The Detoxinista blog. Her approach to healthy living is similar to Talia’s in that she promotes a clean, organic, vegan diet that leads to better nutrition and gut health. Not only are her recipes delicious but they are also very simple and easy to prepare! I also love her meal plans. I followed her 21 day winter detox back in January and lost 6 lbs. Her meals were very simple and affordable and left me feeling full and satisfied.

I purchased both books on Amazon and I fully recommend both. They are chock-full of nutritious information and recipes, practical tips, and important information that could help you live happier and healthier life.

Well that’s all I have today. If you’ve read these books I would love to hear your opinion.

Have a great weekend everyone! I am off to puppy training camp at PetSmart with my Guinness!