Reading Your Food Labels

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I am sipping on a hot cup of Café con Leche and enjoying this gray blustery morning.  We had a downpour late last night which was so peaceful and relaxing to listen to while falling asleep. It looks like we are going to continue to have a cloudy and windy day but I love it! It’s been an extremely hot and muggy month of August which is the yoush around these parts in Sunny South Florida so this is certainly a nice break.

It’s been a quiet summer for the Dominguez family which is fine with me. So far my days have been spent with my husband and our two pooches, Baxter and Guinness.  I have taken up beach yoga and gardening, read some amazing books and have made some changes to my eating habits by adopting more of a plant-based diet. Although, I still eat meat a couple of times a week, I make sure that it’s organic and grass fed with no antibiotics or hormones! My husband is also on-board with this so I am very happy about that. And I also bought a new car! So this summer has brought some good changes into my life 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a plant based diet and getting some awesome recipes, here are the books I have been reading: “Love Your Body by Talia Fuhrman, “Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman,  and “Everyday Detoxa cookbook by Megan Gilmore.

I have also watched the documentary “Food, Inc.” which highlights the negative side effects of the methods used by the commercial food industry to produce large quantities of our meats, grains and vegetables. It’s very eye-opening and helped me learn that we as consumers have the power to change this by demanding better quality products from our local grocery store chains! We need to take more responsibility in learning about the ingredients in our food and not allowing ourselves to get mislead by the false advertising on food packaging that promotes certain food as “healthy”.

It’s an unfortunate reality that food corporations are more concerned about producing mass quantities of cheap food and gaining a hefty profit than they are with producing quality food with real ingredients while promoting the humane treatment of animals and farmers.  If you would like to learn more about this topic and ways to take action you can visit this website:

Well that’s my soap box for today. As you can see I feel very strongly about this topic and I hope that you will take some time to read your food and drink labels and avoid products that list corn syrup, chemicals, additives, or ingredients that are just plain hard to pronounce.

Here are some helpful websites that can help you better understand nutrition labels: