Home Gym Ideas

Happy weekend!! This morning’s post is brought to you by my Honduran Hazelnut morning coffee from Mayorga 🙂

I have been awake since 5:30am. I guess my brain and body are getting used to waking up at that hour since that is the time I wake up during the week to work out in my new home gym.

I love my home gym and it makes me look forward to my early morning workouts. I used to attend small group training workout sessions in the evenings at a small boutique studio downtown but unfortunately, the owner/instructor decided to end her lease and closed it down last month for personal reasons so I decided to create my very own exercise room at home.

I tried out other gyms, fitness studios and boot camps at first, but it just wasn’t the same for me. I liked the intimate setting of the boutique studio and the personal instruction. I also felt that the other places were way too expensive for me and I didn’t like the locations. I didn’t know what to do and was really missing my workouts. I talked to my husband about it one evening while we were walking our dogs and he said that I should just workout at home since I already had learned the proper form and efficient moves from my instructor. His words were encouraging to me and got my wheels turning.

I have tried working out at home in the past in our living room and didn’t like it. But then our spare guest room immediately popped into my mind as a better space since it’s hardly used, has long mirrors and plenty of room to exercise in, so voila! That very weekend I went to work re-arranging our guest room and gathering all of my exercise equipment. I was surprised to discover the amount of workout gear and storage that I had already owned like weights, stretch bands, a yoga mat and jump ropes, and I had a lot of fun re-configuring and organizing my new workout space.

I searched Pinterest for inspiration and creative ideas. I also purchased a heavier set of weights, a kettle bell, and an exercise ball from Dick’s Sporting Goods; an aerobic high step with risers from Amazon; and a 33 inch flat screen TV from Best Buy so I can pop in some videos and stay focused during my workouts.  I also purchased a white board with my weekly workout schedule as a visual because if I see it on the board, I am more likely to do it!!! Below are some photos from Pinterest that gave me inspiration.

Here are some photos of my exercise room. It was hard to get a shot of the entire room with my camera phone so I just took shots from each corner. Hopefully this will give you some organization tips and ideas for equipment needs for your future home gym 🙂

Now its time to work out! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Home Gym Ideas

  1. organicvirgo says:

    Awesome! Happy working out. I’m ready to head back to yoga classes!
    Wish I had known about the room as I had a few Of the items you bought laying around 🙏🏻👍🏼😊

    • Mrs. Nice Girl says:

      Thanks Susan! I know…I am very lucky to have that extra space. Although, there may come a time when I have to give it up so I am taking advantage and using that as motivation! 😀

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