Baby Dominguez: Weeks 9,10 and 11

Welcome to my Baby Dominguez update!! Below is a post about weeks 9-11. I  

Baby’s Growth: 

Week 9: Baby is the size of a green olive!

Week 10: Baby is the size of a kumquat!

Week 11:  Baby is the size of a fig!

During these weeks, your baby is continuing to grow his/her eyes, as well as their muscles, brain tissue and other vital organs, and even tiny little finger and toe nails!! Your baby enters the fetus stage at week 10 and will double in size each week! (I use exclamation points because I find all of this absolutely miraculous!)

Symptoms and Body Changes:

I am definitely feeling more pregnant. Still feeling very tired (a growing baby will leave you exhausted) and nauseous but only throwing up a few times.  Peeing a lot and always very thirsty! Interrupted sleep and mood swings. FUN!! I am also experiencing gassiness (lots of burping) and major heartburn. SO DELIGHTFUL!!

I only gained a couple of pounds during these weeks, however, I felt constantly bloated and my pants and bras are starting to feel tighter. I read that this is due to the hormone progesterone which also contributes to some of the gassiness and indigestion that I described above.

Food Aversions:

Cold chicken, cooked vegetables, hot coffee and sweets.


I don’t really have any strong cravings yet. Fruit is my favorite thing to eat, along with triscits and cottage cheese and my up-at-the-crack-of-dawn bowl of Special K Cereal. Italian seemed to be my go-to choice for dinner except I had to change that since my heartburn pain was through the roof! I think this photo below pretty much sums up my diet preferences so far…Haha!


My major milestone this month was telling my close friends that I was pregnant. I loved seeing their faces and also finding creative ways to tell my friends who live a far.


Boy/Girl Suspicions:

At first I thought I was having a girl but now I think I might be having a boy. I have a theory that milder pregnancy symptoms indicate that you are having a boy while extreme symptoms mean that you are having a girl. I am probably totally off the mark but we shall find out soon!!

Looking forward to:

Finding out my baby’s gender and getting my baby bump!!!

Pregnancy Purchases:

None yet, I just want to get through my first tri-mester. I started clearing out our guest room so we can start preparing the nursery. I’ve also made a lot of trips to the Goodwill. Good-bye home gym 😦 But hello sweet baby nursery 🙂

Pregnancy Faves:

  • Organic Matcha Green Tea Since I felt that iced coffee was contributing to my heart burn, I switched to matcha green tea in the mornings. It’s much healthier for you anyways since it contains theanine and doesn’t make me feel dehydrated.matcha-tea
  • Gummies!!Although I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, I found gummy candies to be very comforting during my nauseous moments. (Note to self: Try preggie pops!)
  • Oil DiffuserMy boss gave me her oil diffuser from Young Living to try out at home and I love it!! I put some lavender oil in it and let it diffuse intermittently  by my bedside at night while I read and it’s very soothing and comforting.young-living-oil-diffuser
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil: I am IN LOVE with rose hip seed oil! I use it on my face and it makes my skin very soft. I also read that it’s good for lightening the appearance of dark spots which have started to appear on my face since I became pregnant. This is common and it’s called “the pregnancy mask”. I purchased this rose hip seed oil by from Marshall’s for $8 but you can also find it here on Amazon for $14.
  • Julia Dress from LulaRoe: I got invited to a LulaRose party by my friend Ange. Honestly, at first I thought their clothes were hideous! But my friend Ange talked me into going to a party with her and trying them out since they are very comfy and well-made. I am glad I went because I ended up purchasing the Julia dress which is super comfy and flattering. I bought a size large so I could wear as I get further into my pregnancy.
  • Books: 20170115_131344.jpg
  • Baby Apps: Ovia and The Bump

  • Cuddling with my Furry Boys

    Baxter and Guinness have been my constant companions throughout my pregnancy. They have always been pretty attached to me anyways but I’ve noticed a slight change with the way they behave around me. I really love how they cuddle beside me each night as opposed to curling up at the bottom of our bed. I also noticed that when I have my restless nights and can’t go back to sleep that they hang out with me in my living room and sleep next to me when they used to go into the formal living room and bark and growl at everything outside the window. And they even curl up on the rug next to my feet when I am putting on my make-up or they wait outside the bathroom door while I am in the shower. It’s crazy! I think they know something is up 🙂 


    I can’t wait to give you more Baby Dominguez updates for Weeks 12-14!