Baby Dominguez: Weeks 6,7 and 8

And so the fun begins!!! I’m pregnant! Oscar and I are over the moon excited!!!



I discovered that I was pregnant back in early August and have been writing weekly updates to post on my blog once I was ready to tell the world.  I consolidated my post for each week into groups of three and am beginning with weeks 6-8.

Baby’s Growth:

Week 6: Baby is the size of a lentil!

Week 7: Baby is the size of a blueberry!

Week 8:  Baby is the size of a kidney bean!

During these weeks, baby is growing limbs, eyes and ears, fingers and toes!! Your baby is an embryo and although he/she be little there is some fierce growing and hormonal changes that are happening in your body.

I’m tired, nauseous and always have to pee! I am also dealt with interrupted sleep from having to go to the bathroom multiple times per night and would often have trouble falling back asleep. There are some other bathroom issues that I won’t mention here 😦

Food Aversions:
Cold chicken, cooked vegetables, hot coffee and anything sweet. (I had a major sweet tooth pre-pregnancy so I welcomed the break from sweets).

I had my first ultrasound at Week 7 and heard my baby’s heartbeat! It was surreal!! We also broke the news to our parents. I know this photo looks like grainy ultrasound but this is my first photo of my developing baby and it is absolutely priceless to me!

Favorite Exercise and Activities:
Walking our dogs, yoga twice a week, Leah’s Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique and Tracy Anderson’s: The Pregnancy Project.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, and cottage cheese with fruit.

Snacks:  Multi-grain crackers, ginger snaps, nuts, cheese sticks and dried apricots. These snacks were perfect for keeping my nausea at bay.

Lunch: Soup, salad, and Amy’s frozen meals.

Dinner: Stir-fries with some veggies, chicken and brown rice, multi-grain pasta, sweet potatoes and crunchy beef tacos!!

(Tip:  I honored my body’s cravings for carbs but I would also try to include protein and veggies and ate small meals.)

Drinks:  lemon and ginger tea, peppermint tea, lots and lots of water, ginger ale, chocolate milk, and Perrier water.  I noticed the Perrier water and ginger ale made me gassy so I drank it sparingly.

(Note: I avoided coffee until week 8 since the doctor said that one cup a day is fine. It really helped me with my sleepiness during the day but it gave me awful heartburn….wahhh!!)

Advice from the Doctor: Drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, exercise is safe but don’t do anything new or too extreme, listen to your body, and stick to small frequent meals as you do not need to eat for two at this point in your pregnancy! And take your pre-natal vitamins!!


Trick or Treat…Baby Feet!

Hello everyone! I have an exciting announcement! Oscar and I are expecting a new addition to the family in April 2017! I am 16 weeks to date and couldn’t be more excited 🙂



I’m planning to share my pregnancy journey on my blog. I’m gonna share some funny stories and helpful tips while Oscar and I prepare prepare for our sweet little bundle of joy.

I absolutely love reading other pregnancy blogs and learning about what other Moms to be are going through with each trimester, comforting and nutritious meals, exercises, trendy activities, nursery inspiration, fashion tips with maternity wear, personal birth stories and child bearing.

I cannot wait to share my growing bump with you:) I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and that they can help all expectant Mamas enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Baby Dominguez: Weeks 12, 13 and 14

Coming down the home stretch with the first trimester! This is my last first trimester update.

Baby’s Growth: 

Week 12: Baby is the size of a lime!


Baby is starting to look more human and is there is a lot of development taking place this week like reflexes. Baby can open and close his fingers and curl his toes, eye muscles can clench, and his mouth can make sucking movements.

Week 13: Baby is the length of a pea pod!















I read that in Week 13, your baby is able to pick up external sounds! I started having morning talks with my baby and listening to some soft classical music while at work.

Week 14:  Baby is the size of a lemon!


Baby can squint and make other facial expressions and suck his/her thumb! Baby’s kidneys are also developing so he/she can produce urine.

Symptoms and Body Changes:

Week 12 and 13 were rough. I threw up a lot and my nausea lasted all throughout the day. My doctor said it was probably because of the rapid development taking place before the next phase of pregnancy. That’s all fine with me. I’ll take whatever comes my way as long as it means baby is healthy and growing. Do your thing baby!!

By week 14 I started to feel some relief. The nausea was very light in the morning and at night. I’m also starting to feel more energetic although I do start to get short of breath while doing household chores so I take breaks and rest in between.

Weight Gained:

Although, I’ve only gained a few pounds, my belly is starting to protrude. I’ve gained 3 inches in my belly and my pants are feeling quite snug. By week 14 I broke down and purchased some cute and comfy maternity wear from Stitchfix, Amazon and Target. This momma is gonna be stylin!

Food Aversions and Cravings:

I am still sticking to bland foods but I am trying to incorporate more protein and veggies into my diet.

My new favorite meal is a baked potato! If we are out I get one topped with some chili or some broccoli and cheese. Yumm!


Getting our 12 week sonogram and seeing our baby suck his/her thumb and squirm when Momma poked her belly. We took a genetic test and the results came back normal. Although I wasn’t really worried, it was still a relief. We also found out the gender…..

It’s a BOY!!! I am so in love with him already it brings tears to my eyes! I just can’t stop thinking about Mama’s little man!


Looking forward to:

Transitioning into my second trimester. I am really tired of the nausea and I’m sick of saltines!!

 Pregnancy Faves:

  • Teecino with warm cashew milk and pumpkin spiceCapture+_2016-10-09-10-45-06.png
  • Baked potatoes
  • Belly rubs
  • Maternity clothes from Stitch Fix
  • Miralax (TMI) but seriously it’s a god send!
  • Chocolate frosty from Wendy’s!
  • Baby Apps – Ovia Pregnancy and BabyBump