Morning Routine with Baby

Hello there!!! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and that your 2018 is off to a good start. I love the start of a new year and the inspiration for positive change that comes with it.

The last blog post I wrote was when I introduced Marcos and described his birth story. Now here we are, nine months later and I am posting about our morning routine. Time sure has been flyyying!!!

I have always been a morning person. And that’s a good thing because Marcos is an early riser too. Sometimes he wakes up before me and sometimes I get up earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee before everyone wakes up. Either way, I’m always so excited when Marcos wakes up because he makes me so darn happy happy happy!!!

Marcos 6 days old

Marcos 2.5 months

Marcos 6 months

Marcos 6.3 months

The morning time is my favorite part of the day. I love walking into my son’s room and seeing him smile at me in his crib. It makes my heart soar.

Marcos 3 months

As soon as Marcos is awake, I pick him up, change him, sing to him and we cuddle before he has his bottle. We say good morning to the dogs (the bubs) and Dada and then I open up the curtains to see the sunshine. After Marcos has his bottle we go for a nice long walk in the neighborhood.

Marcos 7 months

Most of the time, I bring the dogs or we stop by the park. I like to wear Marcos in my infantino baby carrier and go for a swing which he loves too.

Marcos 8 months

After the morning walk its time for some breakfast. I usually make organic oatmeal or organic yogurt with banana and cinnamon. Sometimes I substitute the banana with some creamy cashew butter. He loves it!

Marcos 8 months

After breakfast, Marcos and I or Dada will play in his playpen until naptime which is between 10 till noon. That’s when Mommy gets a nap or cleans around the house or writes in the blog.

The afternoon is usually spent doing errands with Marcos, finishing up any laundry, visits with the grandparents or friends, another walk in the afternoon, more playing and another nap.

So that pretty much sums up our morning and afternoon. Bedtime is a whole other fun story which I will post later.

Routines are so important when you have a baby. I think it helps them settle and provides some predictability. I am big fan of it too. I am a planner and I like to be productive but to have fun too. I am trying not to worry so much about chores and multitasking so I can be more present with my son. I think his Dad and I are doing so well with balancing our jobs, baby, dogs and house and each other. I feel so blessed and happy to have this little person in my life and to be his Mom.

Its nice to find your groove but you have to be flexible because your baby’s patterns will change.

I look forward to Marcos’s changes and growth. I embrace each developmental leap as it comes and adjust my schedule accordingly.

Marcos is 9 months old, weighs 22 pounds and is 29 inches long. He has mastered crawling, pulls himself up and is starting to cruise. Its so fun to watch him explore in his playpen. He likes to play peek-a-boo and snuggle. He just seems like the happiest baby in the world which makes me a happy Mama 😊

I could go on and on but I will stop here. I look forward to introducing some new activities into our daily routine as Marcos gets older. And I welcome any suggestions too 😊


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